13 December 2009

Dubstep Batch #2

All ye in search of wobbly grime, look no further! However, I've got a lot of rather pretty Dubstep tracks in this batch, hope it breaks up the monotony. Do people that like Reggae like Dubstep?


Chainsaw Calligraphy (Original Mix) - 16bit
The most brutal, insane, and just outright offensive synth sound ever made.

Precious Time - Skyence
Really pretty track, it's got a kick so theoretically you could play this live, but it's definitely more of a listening track.

Wayfaring Stranger (Burial Mix) - Jamie Woon
(Golden Banana)
So incredibly amazing. Probably my favorite Burial track, this one just really gets to me.

Station Six - Downlink
Sorry, back to the grime. This track's got another super fucked up bass sound, similar to the style of Excision or Datsik (check out my post on them HERE).

Watch Your Eyes - Ed Solo

Dublicker - Unknown Artist vs Aphex Twin
Weird intro, but this track is really really dope. Just wait for the INSANE drop at 2:23.

One More Time (George Lenton Remix) - Daft Punk
A Dubstep remix of Daft Punk? I know, sounds like a horrible idea. However, this remix is remarkably well done. I don't think he should have done the middle section like he does, but I'll forgive for the rest of the track.

Wobble Whomp - Techjio
Title says it all.

The City (Stella Polaris Allstars Dub Remix) - Tina Dickow
Really beautiful track, but the quality is pretty shitty (140).

Also, if you'd like to cop either of my Dubstep mixes, you can grab them HERE and HERE.


  1. Unofficially the unknown artist on the Dublicker track is meant to be Aphex twin himself...to be honest the style is so like him it wouldn't be much of a surprise ! Excellent post