14 December 2009

Drum & Bass Batch #1

I'm not going to pretend to know anything about Drum & Bass. However, Jumpman has found some dope tunes and I've found a few in random places. However, the big shout out has to go to Oneupmanship, the blog that has pretty much provided my entire (and tiny) Drum & Bass collection. Batch #2 will be comprised entirely of tracks gathered from that blog.


From Memory (Matrix Remix) - Mistabishi (The Golden Banana)
Once again, I know pretty much nothing about this genre, but so far the name that has impressed me the most is Matrix. This song is so beautiful. I feel like this would be a great song to start a set with.

Dreadlock - Future Prophecies
On the heavier side of things... This one's got a great hook.

Fury (Kiro Remix) - Fourward
Pretty gnarly bass in this, I'm down.

Ghetto Blues (Original Mix) - Zyon Base
Super chilled out, relaxed track with really nice chords and a subby bass. Their are aspects of this song that remind me very much of Air.

Toothache (Barletta + Ernold Sane Remix) - The Charlatans UK
I don't know if this actually counts as DnB, but it's pretty much at the same tempo and I feel like it would fit in with a heavy set. Really awesome track though.

Hometown Beef Glory (Bastille Mashup) - Biggie Smalls vs. High Contrast
A mashup I made a while back with a DnB track, actually one of the first DnB tracks I ever got, still one of my favorites. I can't wait for like 10/20 years to pass when people look back and realize how dumb mashups were, saying like "I can't believe people just put songs together, what were they thinking?"


  1. err, do you want me to change mine to 3 or yours to 3, cause i did 2 already...or is this a by poster number thing

  2. I'm just counting my batches, helps for organizing with my mediafire.

  3. your Hometown Glory/What's Beef mashup fuckin ROCKS!!!

  4. i wish the acapella wasn't DIY... the mashup is dope.