05 December 2009

Excision & Datsik

Got a hankerin for some super nasty, filthy, and grimy ass Dubstep? Look no further, because Excision & Datsik make just that. I have not the slightest clue how they manage to create such evil sounds. These dudes are both from Canada and love to collaborate, but this post will feature all of the tracks that I have from their solo work as well (and other collaborations). God I wish I could get away with playing this shit.


A Millie (Remix) - Excision & Datsik
Just slap a Lil Wayne acapella on it and BAM, immediately more accessible. Still one filthy ass Dubstep track.

Swagga (Original Mix) - Excision & Datsik
Once again, cannot stress how incredibly awesome these sounds are.

Obvious - Excision
This one's got character, and by that I mean it's weird as hell. Jumpman will be all over this one.

Boom - Excision & Datsik
Title says it all.

Excision & Datsik Collection
By Track // Zipped

Play That Record Again - AC Slater
This song is absolutely hilarious.


  1. I bloody love you. Your mind-reading capabilities are staggering; I started collecting Excision & Datsik tracks not even a week ago.

    One of my favorite Datsik tracks is a (leak of a?) song called Quantization Error. The song is fairly repetitive, but at 2:00 everything becomes clear.

  2. No "Calypso"?

    Your services are no longer required....


  3. I already posted that in a batch a while ago after getting it from you, and anyways it's in the zip.