15 September 2009

Dub Sack

To go along with your next purchase, I made a 20 min mix of all Dubstep, and I called it Dub Sack. It's definitely best enjoyed over a massive soundsystem with subs while under the influence of above substance. I've been curious as to how Wesleyan kids will react to a Dubstep set, so I made this and plan on going into it for the end of my upcoming gig on Saturday. Hope you enjoy the mix, really excited to play it live.


Dub Sack - Bastille

Broken String - Tek-One
Jig - Tom Encore
If Ya Can't Beat Em - Reso
Where's My Money (Caspa Remix) - TC
Dressed To Digress (Nero Remix) - Boy Crisis
Eastern Jam - Chase & Status
Dem Na Like Me (Subscape Dub) - The Qemists
Hide and Seek (Enigma Remix) - Imogen Heap

ALSO, just got a message from our friend Superm@rio (not to be confused with our Jumpman, if he's still alive that is), who just made a Dubstep set as well. Check it out:

Don't Fuck with me (unless you're a woman) by Superm@rio
Click HERE to download, you might recognize some of the tracks in it from this here blog.

He helps run a blog called Zaber Riders, I check it every update, and you should too.

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