03 October 2009

Every Spencer and Hill Track

Ok, I don't know if it's every single one, but it's a lot of em. It's in a bunch of rars on rapidshare so of course, as always, I recommend, Skip Screen to do the waiting for you. Spencer and Hill are definitely some of the top electro house artists of today. We here at AWB highly recommend getting as much of their stuff as you can. Also you can see our former posts on them here and here.

However, I know most people out there don't really want or need every single song by Spencer and Hill, and really don't want to take the time going through their itunes library looking for doubles. Therefore I will try and get through as many of these as I can and put up another post with maybe my top 6-7 from all of those in that link above.


1 comment:

  1. I've been collecting all Spencer & Hill tracks for around two years now, and there's just probably a handful or two that's missing but it's definitely a good start.