16 June 2009

I'm Back, Batch #1 Spencer & Hill

So I finally got my computer back up and fully running, though unfortunately I lost quite a bit of music, though at the same time it wasn't anything too important, but 40 GB gone can be kinda depressing. Here's my first out of a few batches that I'm gonna post in the next few days, most of which has already been posted by a variety of house blogs that I read. Spencer & Hill for our first batch.


In case you missed these, don't pass these up:

Cool (Original Mix) by Spencer & Hill

M likes this one better saying it would explode live.

Cool (Cool Mix) by Spencer & Hill
But I still like this one better. More Electro.

Cool (AfroJack Mix) by Spencer & Hill
So Ravey!

La La Song (Spencer & Hill Remix) by Bob Sinclar

As M put it, not as good as the original, but it definitely has its place.

In other news:

Is this a really old TV Rock track? Pretty short too... I gotta say I both hate it and love it at the same time, such funny and yet amazing lyrics:
Flaunt It by TV Rock

The new Yelle if you havn't already gotten it, it's great:

Qui Est Cette Fille by Yelle


  1. LOVE Spencer and Hill, their remix of "Shoes" is out of this world
    A track I thought you should have:

    Spencer & Hill - Dumb Party (Original Mix)

  2. oh boy, what a bomb! the afrojack remix is so awsome with this vocal! dear I'm gonna play this track next saturday!