17 June 2009

Batch #2

So few words needed to describe a batch so, let's get to it:


Let's start out with this AMAZING Dave Darell:

You're Not Alone 2009 (Dave Darell Remix) by Liz Kay, This remix is just so incredible there are so few words to describe it. For those who like Dave Darell's suddenly remix this is an absolute must. Definitely up there in my favorites of this guy's stuff and for electro house songs in general. Just Wait for that fucking DROP, it's an explosion.

Tree Hugger by Lazy Jay I gotta say the beginning and end...kinda boring, but the middle section is just so fuckin awesome. I mean it's kinda like Baggy Bottom Boys, except the drop after the amazing buildup is just...eh. However that bass on big speakers might explode, but even so... Remix Potential? I think so.

Unprepared (Full Prepared Mix) by Marco V, new to our blog, but someone who I would really love to do a post on in the near future. M got his album a while ago and said it was classified as tech trance? This just sounds like electro house to me. Really cool. And I really do love the vocals, very indie, sounds like Franz Ferdinand in a way.

Unprepared (Extended Mix) by Marco V, I can see the Trance elements in this I guess, but still sounds more housey to me then trancey. Definitely Tech-Housey. Kinda Audible like.

On to some Joachim Garraud, calmer that's for sure, still really cool:

89 Thunders (Original Mix) by Joachim Garraud Calm but collected.

Street Sound (Original Mix) by Joachim Garraud, I've figured out that this song's beginning sounds like the beginning to Bang That Box (Laidback Luke Remix), at least it's the same pattern? If this came first, I can see Laidback as getting some inspiration from this song.

I'm Gonna get some Joachim Garraud as well, cause he's got some really cool shit.

Expect Batch 3 and one of the two artists I mentioned about getting above sometime in the very near future.


  1. Where did you find this my good man? Reminds me of our first night together....

  2. First off, Julien posted that pic, not me, and I'd rather not speak about that night in such a public place like teh interweb.

  3. And that Marco V is no way electro house, its progressive. And the album I said was Tech Trance was from a few years back.

  4. I'm so sorry that I called it electro house when I should have said progressive. Is there any way that I can make it up to you?