03 October 2009

Bastard Pop!

I had the pleasure of DJing a rooftop party in Brooklyn last night, and although the party was a complete bust due to things like rain, super drunk hipsters, and especially douchey cops that threatened to take away my equipment if I didn't tell them who's party it was, I did meet a bunch of other really cool DJs, including one who works on some of the best Bootlegs that have been coming out recently. His name is Nunzi, and if you've been reading such blogs as ElectroStation or Temple Of House, you've probably already heard some of these. I even heard one of these dropped at Love Festival by none other than D.O.N.S. and it happened to be the highlight of his set (wrote a review of that set HERE). Anyways, enjoy these bootlegs:


Drink N Fuxia (ImanoS & Nunzi Bootleg) - Norman Doray, Albin Myers Vs. Greg Cerrone
This shit would destroy a rave crowd guaranteed. Heavy bass, catchy synth lines, and the vocals work so perfectly. We're of course huge fans of Albin Myers here at AwB.

Can't Get Into The Night (ImanoS, George Monev & Nunzi Bootleg) - Soulsearcher Vs. Young Rebels, Francesco Diaz
More lovely Prog House for your massive rave.

We Are Kidsos (ImanoS Bootleg) - Dirty South Vs. Sebastian Ingrosso
HUGE track, this being the one I heard at Love Festival. Can't stress how well done this one is.


Can't Get High Without U (David Penn Mix) - Joey Negro

This track is what House music is all about. This will be playing on repeat for the next couple of days.

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