17 August 2009

Love Festival Review

So last Saturday was the ever so anticipated Love Festival. The lineup was nothing like EDC of course, as this event is MUCH smaller, but it was still big and exciting enough to get us excited as hell. It was also great to have this a week after the train wreck that was HARD Summer (read about that fuck up HERE). I'm going to do this review in the order that we saw the DJs. I will say this though, it was a night of bootlegs. I heard every DJ play some bootlegs, which I guess is ok but it's not really impressive since they're really not doing anything.

was playing when we arrived much to our delight. He was one of the people we were most excited to see, and we showed up in time to see the majority of his set. He played mostly Tech House with some Prog and a little Electro thrown in. This was J's favorite set of the night. Not much else to say except that he did a pretty good job. I will say though that his stage presence is lacking, partly do to just his appearance (I mean look at the guy, it's pretty hard to take him seriously). That said, he definitely got me dancing and jumping a few times. The highlight was when he played this bootleg:

We Are Kidsos (ImanoS Bootleg) - Dirty South vs. Sebastian Ingrosso

You can also cop some of his tracks HERE and HERE.

After D.O.N.S. was finished, we decided to go check out the other stage to see what was up, and Julius Papp was playing. I know nothing about this dude, but his set was pretty cool. More relaxed, cool house stuff. I would have preferred somebody like Mark Farina, but he was definitely cool. Check out this video to get more of an idea.

We headed back up to the main stage and caught the last 30 minutes or so of Cedric Gervais. This dude fucked up a few times, and people noticed. It was pretty funny. He also looked like a complete tool on stage. I was just waiting for the next act to come on, really, but he did play this awesome bootleg:

Yin For The Kill (Dave Spoon Bootleg) - Wolfgang Gartner & Francis Preve vs La Roux
Wow, this bootleg DESTROYS live. Amazing.

Finally, Sharam came up and gave us the most epic intro ever by playing some fucking Ennio Morricone. Brilliant. This was my favorite set of the night for sure. He just dropped bomb after bomb of awesome Techno and Tech House. I was actually expecting a Prog House set, but I was very pleasantly surprised. He also had a live vocalist come and sing, which was really great. Here are some tracks:

Grab his album HERE (torrent, I'll try to upload it via mediafire eventually)

And here are some videos:

Not from the actual event, but I needed to find a video showing his intro

Next up was Steve Angello, the man we were most excited to see. I mean, he's in the goddam Swedish House Mafia. His set was great by all means, but it wasn't the best. He did remind me, however, how great Swedish House can be for raves (we've been very distracted with Dutch House for the past month or so). However, as J pointed out to me, he basically just played a really safe set of hits, which was a little disappointing. He was also big on the bootlegs, playing that same Yin For The Kill as well as some others, like:

Be Satisfaction (Swedish House Mafia Bootleg) - Laidback Luke & Benny Benassi

Show Me Love vs Be (Hardwell Bootleg) - Robin S vs Steve Angello & Laidback Luke
*Not sure if this is the actual bootleg he played, but he did go from Be into Show Me Love.

We left before he was done because we were exhausted and really wanted to go home. Overall, great night, great sets, really fun event actually. It was a lot smaller than EDC which made it so much more manageable.


Thanks to Sky for the video


  1. The review is fantastic, felt like I was there, BUT THAT BONUS VIDEO IS AWESOME (I'm stealing it)

  2. There are new love festival videos with some of the bootlegs you mention @ http://youtube.com/goventures

    great site! thanks for all the hard work :)