09 August 2009

HARD FAIL: HARD Summer Review

FUCK HARD. How the hell could they fuck everyone over like that with such an amazing lineup. I mean, come on! WE WERE GONNA SEE FUCKING SEBASTIAN FOR CHIRST'S SAKE! Fuckers. Well, here's what happened:

We finally get in at about 8:40 and see Busy P just destroying it. He's playing all sorts of great track, even my favorite Electro House anthem Get Off by Sharooz (get it HERE). Then Crystal Castles come up to the stage and make a mockery of themselves. I have seen them before in a club environment and they were incredible, but when they bring their punk act to the big stage at a rave, it just doesn't translate. AND the sound kept fucking up, so they had to pause while this awful feedback just screamed over the speakers for about 10 minutes straight. They ended their set early. Then Destructo played while they set up Chromeo. Unfortunately, they then announced that everyone needed to calm down to let the show continue. We sat there for 2 hours. Then riot cops showed up and we had to leave. Fuck HARD.

And to all of our Los Angeles readers, everyone should hit up Love Festival next week. Great lineup, and straight up House music is much better for raves in my opinion.


  1. Wait, seriously? Did the show get shut down early?

  2. yea, around like 10 they stopped the music and around midnight they kicked us out