10 August 2009

Swallow Your Pryda

Eric Prydz
is one of the most amazing House producers to have ever lived. Ever since he top the charts with his mega hit Call On Me, he's been destroying every genre he's attempted. This post will focus on his productions under the alias Pryda. Each and every one of these tracks is an absolute bomb and they will all destroy your rave crowd. I really just wish he'd hire some great remixers for his tracks, I'd love to see what Deadmau5 or some other top name would do with these amazing tracks. Figured it was about time to put his stuff up here.


Animal - Pryda
Great mix of Electro and Progressive (ELECTROGRESSIVE!). I remember hearing one of the DJs at EDC dropping this at the main stage to great effect. What a fucking track.

Ironman - Pryda
The track that really made me fall in love with him. Minimal Electro bomb.

Muranyi - Pryda
Great Progressive track with some chip elements, sounds like a video game sample.

If you like House music, you will like all of his tracks.

Pryda Collection (All In One Zip)

Pryda Collection (By Track)

Pjanoo (Club Mix) - Eric Prydz
Everyone loves this song.


  1. I used to play Miami to atlanta, beacuase I like the track and the arrangement