12 August 2009

Abel Ramos Part Duex

J already did a post on this dude (HERE), but I decided it was time for round two. Abel Ramos is a Progressive House DJ/producer from Spain that makes some really awesome tracks (although they all do kind of sound the same, but that hasn't stopped me from raving about a producer before (love you Fred Falke!)). Anyways, all you House heads should definitely grab these tracks, you won't be disappointed:


Right Here, Right Now (Abel Ramos Brighton with love Remix) - Fatboy Slim

Still our favorite of his tracks. I got to hear Kaskade drop this at EDC, so epic.

When Love Takes Over (Abel Ramos Paris With Love Remix) - David Guetta
Once again, his tracks all sound very similar, but I like this one in particular. God she's got a great voice.

Push The Feeling On (Abel Ramos Mix) - Nightcrawlers
This one is especially prog, really like it.

Abel Ramos Collection (All In One Zip)

Abel Ramos Collection (By Track)

Also, does anyone have any idea why most of his remix go like (Abel Ramos 'insert random location' With Love Remix)? Really curious.

1 comment:

  1. Akon was born in Atlanta
    sexy bitch from atlanta with love

    Guetta born in paris
    from paris with love

    Fatboy Slim type in Brighton in google comes up alot