15 August 2009

gLAdiator vs. Tiger

That may be one mean looking Tiger, but its got nothing on the up and coming producers from my lovely hometown Los Angeles by the name of gLAdiator. These guys stay true to their city too, mixing the worlds of Electro and Hip-hop to make music that's undeniably cool. They also run a great blog which everyone should check out HERE. While their sound is still developing, I have big expectations for them and know that what comes next will be even better.


Arcade Riot - gLAdiator
Fun, bouncy, Electro/Fidget Very video gamey, lots of fun. Should get your crowd jumping.

LoveGame (gLAdiator Remix) - Lady Gaga
I have to admit about how reluctant I was to post anything related to the baby woman, but this remix is fresh as hell. Great kick drum.

Back Sally Up - gLAdiator
TI vs. Moby. Not a dance track, just one of the best made mashups I've ever heard. Ever.


  1. your jackson 5 remix made hypem pop list. congrats

  2. Thanks man. It's crazy, I'm bouncing off the walls right now.