15 August 2009

Funk's on the Agenda

Funkagenda is a producer from the UK who's been (along with Mark Knight who he works with a lot) tearing shit up. Of course we all already know that the line between Tech house and Prog House is a small one in many senses. It really varies from song to song, but this stuff definitely has that tech feel, but every once in a while I'll catch a glimpse of that Prog shit. Somebody I've been listening to for quite a while and definitely deserves some attention.

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What the Fuck (Original Mix) by Funkagenda, Very well known, if you've ever been to a rave or maybe even a club you probably will have heard this song. I'm pretty sure the vocals are a Fatboy Slim sample

Good Times (Original Mix) by Funkagenda and Mark Knight, Great sample, Peace all of the time.

Man With the Red Face by Funkagenda HELL YES

If I Ever Feel Better (Mark Knight and Funkagenda) by Phoenix, Such cool cutting of those vocals. A must get.

Raindrop (Funkagenda Remix) by Basement Jaxx, Beautiful, like really beautiful. I feel like if you made this song, girls would just surround you every time you played it.

88 (Mark Knight & Funkagenda Remix) by Dave Spoon

I'll just throw this in too: Street Spirit (Funkagenda Remix) by Radiohead

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  1. top tunes always wworks for me this guy