01 October 2009

Turn Up the Bass

What a disgusting and disturbing image.

Chuckie is someone who has risen extremely quickly in the house world. He's dutch, and it's very apparent when you listen to his stuff. At the same time he's very similar to Benny Benassi, but only in the sense that alot of the songs have the same sound (or a similar sound). It's pretty noticeable. While I admit he's definitely not anywhere near my favorite dutchmen, he definitely deserves an honorable mention. He made a huge hit with let the bass kick (I do love that song), and that alone makes him deserve this post.

Let the Bass Kick (Original Mix) by Chuckie, we all know and love it, his biggest song by far. The sample comes from a Carl Cox song (I can't remember which one), though Cox probably sampled that from somewhere too.

Aftershock (Can't fight the feeling) (Original Mix) by Chuckie, HELL YES! If you like Gartner, then you'll like this song. Sounds so similar, nothing more needs to be said.

Moombah (Original Mix) by Chuckie and Silvio Ecomo, his second biggest song (as far as my knowledge goes) but if you're going to play this song then go for this instead:

Moombah (Afrojack Remix) by Chuckie and Silvio Ecomo, it should be obvious why I would choose this. Turn up the bass.

Rides (Original Mix) by Chuckie, such a good song. Not like his other stuff but definitely worth getting.

Any Noise (Original Mix) by Chuckie, this is real techy, EXTREMELY different from his other stuff, but I really like the few times when he shows diversity.

Everytime We Touch ( Chuckie 2009 Remix) by David Guetta, the same sound again, but I really like what he's done with this song. Though Everytime we touch is an extremely catchy song, I'll admit to liking it. Great electro bass in this too.

All of this and a bunch more Zipped

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M's Additions:

Bring The Rock - Chuckie & Silvio Ecomo
Way more Electro than we usually get from him. I like it.

Love You No More (DJ Chuckie Remix) - Bob Sinclar
Very classic Chuckie sound, like J was talking about. J already uploaded this in 192, but mine's 320.

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