30 September 2009

The end

My computer has officially died, so don't expect any posts from me for a little while, as I can't even listen to any new music, or really any music in general. This is a very said time for me, I'm gonna have to wait a little while before I get a new one, so I would recommend JUMPMAN to post in my stead. This is especially sad as I had made a comittment to doing more posts and I feel as though I was following that plan relatively well. I was also in the middle of making a song that I really was proud of and though had a lot of potential. So for now I bid our readers adieu. Hopefully I'll be back up and running soon.

Sacre de minimale

BIG EDIT: I decided to open up my computer and try to see what was wrong, and after about an hour of painstaking work, I was able to fix the problem. I'll definitely be doing a post tonight.

DLowe showed me this one:

Love Lockdown (1994 pilotpriest remix) by Kanye west, Not the best remix ever but I really like those chords


  1. poor bastille... I'm sorry about that...

  2. I just had the same problem, My HD died tons of stuff in it. IT WAS LIKE A PART OF ME DIED! xP Just remember: the internet is your backup, and yours is THE most wonderful playlist, it is still in YOUR memory,it is awsome and yet to be pinched. And some crazy crowd is roaring for you to spin the shit out of them. DONT STOP.

  3. Yeah, happy you'll be able to continue to blog and making music.