29 September 2009

House Batch #3

My final batch, just had to put up a few more House tracks. Definitely some gems in this one. Also, J's computer is officially dead, poor dude. Looks like I'll be carrying the weight of this blog by myself again, it was definitely nice having someone else post for a few days. It's also gonna put a big damper on our production speed. Hope he can get a new one soon...


Youth Speed Trouble Cigarettes (K.S 'Higher State of Consciousnes of Da Funk' Remix) - Cassius
Wow, this is amazing. Great old school vibe in this one. High acid synth with the Daft Punk sample as the bass.

Dionysus (Original Mix) - Ashley Wallbridge
Massive Progressive track. I know I say this about a lot of tracks, but I hear a lot of Deadmau5 in this one. It's that 3 against 4 thing.

Its Only Love (Original Mix) - Figure and Sleepy T
Really awesome French/Disco House track from one of the contributors to the blog Penned Madness. I'm a big fan of both the track and the blog.

Beautiful U R (Inpetto Remix) - Deborah Cox
Tech/Prog with a bass that I imagine would be so epic on giant speakers.

Stranger In Moscow (Jerome Isma-Ae Bootleg) - Michael Jackson
More Progressive, I think I'm going through a Prog phase.

Spaghetti Circus - Still Going
That NuDisco sound coming from DFA Records. I'm usually not a huge fan, but I really like this one.

Again & Again feat. Sam Obernik (Jean Claude Ades Remix) - LouLou Players, Sharam Jey
Tech House, J will probably like this one a lot.

Chokolatt - 1977
French/Filter House. Probably my favorite House genre of them all.

Korma (Original Mix) - Andycap
Techy techy techy techy.

Blackberry Hype - Maxwell D & Lil Silva
Here's some UK Funky (first time we've posted any if I'm correct), this is definitely perfect for your hipster crowd. We all love Irony. The organ-like bass is awesome.

Afghanistan - Komytea
This one's weird, which is why I'm putting it at the bottom. If I had to relate it to another producer, I'd say Pryda, so if you like Pryda (as you all should) be sure to grab this one. Electro Tech.

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