28 September 2009

Random Tuneage

This post is for The Man With No Name.


Jump Up (Leif Jones Remix) - Major Lazer
Really suprised by this one. Really great mix of Electro and Bmore. The drop at 3:43 will KILL you, it's a shame he waits so long to bring it in. Leif is a Wesleyan student as well, for those who are unfamiliar, and he's definitely stepped it up with this in my opinion.

Disco Decay (Felguk Mix) - Neelix
I love Felguk. This track is awesome, lots of Deadmau5 in there. And this one sample that definitely sounds like it's straight from Phantom by Justice.

Money (The Count Of Monte Cristal 'Dungeon' Remix) - N.A.S.A.

One of the king's of Fidget House making another banger. Super housey too, love it.

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