27 September 2009

Twelves Reasons to love the Twelves

The Twelves:

1. They're from Brazil

2. Look at the setup in the picture, it's beautiful.

3. They make the best synth poppy electro you can find out there

4. They look like really nice guys

5. They're bearded (always a plus)

6. They make great mixes, so I assume they're great DJs.

7. They've made a remix that makes every college kid jizz their pants when they hear it at a party

8. Both M and I like them so: you should like them

9. Did I mention they're from Brazil?

10. They know what's cool (I'm really starting to lose ideas for this)

11. M sometimes acts like a twelves year old boy

12. Lastly, but definitely not least, it's been almost 12 years (or more realistically 12 weeks) since Jumpman has posted. Refer to these posts to understand better: First and second


EDIT: I forgot how amazing this one is:
Thursday (The Twelves Remix) by Asobi Seksu

Help, I'm Alive (Twelves Remix) by Metric, SO good, I've had this song for quite a while, but I never really sat down and listened to it. Classic Twelves.

Take on Me (Twelves Remix) by A-Ha, just incredible. What a great remix of this song, would recommend playing for any set with this kind of happy/feel good atmosphere. This song would just destroy a party in college. People love what they know.

Drugs in My Body (Twelves Remix) by The Twelves, This was actually the song which started getting me into the Twelves. My friend Tony gave me this even before their boyfriend remix. Though I do admit it's by no means my favorite, it holds a sentimental value so I though I'd put it up.

GREAT to play at any party:
Boys (The Twelves Remix) by M.I.A., this should be evident why this would be a good song to play at a party.

Reckoner (The Twelves Remix) by Radiohead, I don't normally approve of most Radiohead remixes, but this one is so fantastic. Really keeps the idea of the original, just makes it a little dancier.

So Far Away from the Sea (Twelves Remix) by Yuksek, an amazing original, Yuksek alone would get me to listen to this remix.

Hurricane Jane (Twelves Remix) by The Black Kids

Ce Jeu (The Twelves Remix) by Yelle, Just found this one, though it's not new, it's great.

Zipped in One

Twelves Collection by Individual Track


  1. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12 thumbs up for the 12's!! definitely one of my favorite artists / super radical!

  2. adivina quiene esta de vuelta: http://electropremiumchoice.blogspot.com/

  3. 12 fists up for the twelves...

    Definitely excited to find some of these full length versions, thanks a load...