21 April 2009

Skip Screen

Skip Screen is my new best friend. This is a program or add-on for firefox (sorry safari users, but Firefox is better in so many ways) that lets you skip download times. Here's where its strengths are and special favorite strength at the bottom of the page: it starts mediafire downloads automatically, it starts Zshare downloads automatically and skips the wait time (this has made me always hope to see Zshare links instead of yousendit links now), it starts rapidshare downloads automatically BUT you still have to wait the 50 seconds. Cons: for someone like me who keeps tons of download pages (meaning like a mediafire page) open for me to get later, it starts some downloads automatically, A small price to pay in comparison to the other convenience. It doesn't start auto for megaupload, but once you type in the caption it skips the time. Rapidshare is tricky and took me some time to figure out, you're better off not touching anything when you open a rapidshare link because it will start by itself, and if you touch it it won't download. Still doesn't work with a bunch of sites like yousendit.

They recommend getting Ad Blocker (and I'm definitely going to try it) and something called the Cavern Links Checker (I have no idea what this does, but I'm going to find out)

Special greatest attribute ever about skip screen: Skip Screen has a search. Though I myself would be skeptical to it, it's pretty great. It searches mediafire, megaupload, and it claims rapidshare and zshare (but I don't think so). It helped me find dirty south songs I didnt have, fedde le grande Eps, some Foamo stuff. If you download something from mediafire the page will turn green saying that skip screen worked and you will see a search feature (which also lets you search for torrents). So that you don't have to go download something, here is my bookmark to it: Here

Good Luck Soldiers
And God's Speed.

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