04 October 2009

The Swedish Stoner Boy

Stonebridge is a Swedish House producer that makes big Prog tracks, like his other Swedish comrades. Not much else to say, if you're a fan of this sort of House music then you'll definitely enjoy these tracks. I do take pride in my Swedish ancestry, at least we're not pretentious like the French. And we furnish every college kid's room!


Black Pony (Stonebridge & Axwell Ecstasy Mix) - Playmaker
Space Disco! I fucking LOVE Space Disco, if I could put a phaser on nature sounds I would in a heartbeat.

Lights Are Low (Stonebridge Re-Edit) - Dumb Dan
Really classic House track complete with Piano stabs and an Electro-ish bass.

Fallin (Stonebridge Club Mix) - Agent X Feat. Mutya
Really really really catchy.

My collection consists of 13 tracks:

Stonebridge Collection (By Track)

Stonebridge Collection (Zipped)


Catgroove - Parov Stelar
Good ol' House with a Swing Jazz sample, like straight out of the roaring twenties. Supermario is gonna love this one.

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