05 October 2009

For His Majesty Andre

His Majesty Andre
is an Italian House producer that I'm particularly a fan of. He's making great French/Disco House tracks that just scream cool. Actually working on booking him at Wesleyan on Nov 14, and it's looking very good so get pumped. He's worked with The Bloody Beetroots and remixed some big players like autoKratz and Congorock.


In My Eyes (His Majesty Andre Remix) - Burns
His newest track, awesome French/Filter House style. Really great chopping of samples.

I Hold the Crown (His Majesty Andre Gimme Back Da Crown Remix) - Redman
This is just such a cool House groove. It's got fuckin class.

Music Non Stop - His Majesty Andre
This sounds like something that could have been released on Crydamoure or Roulé, especially with that little vinyl scratch taken straight from Spinal Scratch by Thomas Bangalter (grab that track HERE).

Always More (His Majesty Andre Sometimes Rosse Remix) - autoKratz
More Electro than his other tracks, this one sounds like Boys Noize Records style House music, aka Strip Steve-ish.

And, as always...

His Majesty Andre Collection:
By Track // Zipped

Doesn't look like I'm going to be able to book him as I lack the Pioneer CDJ 1000's and DJM 800 that he want's me to provide for him. Going for Hidden Cat instead (you can check our interview with him HERE)!


  1. omg, if you book Hidden Cat tell him about my Lyposuct x Superfuture transition, he'd totally be down for that.

  2. Love this shitt <3 Shifty RHythms

  3. love your blog...enjoy the tracks and the commentary. keep it up

  4. dmerr, in your twiter account it says your location is oberlin, would this happen to be oberlin ohio and if so are you a student at Oberlin College?