07 October 2009


Yeah, if I was gonna post this album up, I probably should have done it a little closer to release. I don't know, maybe it won't get taken down this way. But in case you missed it, VITALIC RELEASED A NEW ALBUM! I'm not gonna review it myself (though I will say it definitely did not disappoint me, and I've been amped for this shit for a long time). Instead, I will direct you to a review by Ilictronix, which you can see HERE.

Must see this man live before death.


Flashmob - Vitalic

Love Like A Sunset (Shuttle Remix) - Phoenix
Awesome. It's a bit fast for DJing (134), but you can slow it down to 130 and it still sounds pretty fine. Shuttle is a member of Passion Pit, for reference.

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