27 May 2009

Edu K

Edu K has brought such an awesome sound to Funk Carioca it's unbelievable. Ravey electro-house meets the Latin beats and Portugese rap of Baile Funk. Edu K is one of the artists responsible for bringing the sound to an international audience, making waves with his first release Frenetiko, which is a little closer to classic Rio Funk with some definate New Wave,80s, and House influences, since then his music has just gotten more and more infused with this ravey electro sound to a very good effect, honestly he just keeps kicking out banger after banger. Most of his releases have been on Man Recordings, who also released the Funk Mundial Series, the compilation of which i posted (here). His Brother also raps alongside him fyi. Anyways, i'm sure your gonna love this stuff, check it out, sounds like it would kill live>

Edu K - Headbanger EP (HIGHly recommended)

Mixhell - Boom Da! (Edu K Remix) <(Highly Recommended, one of the best tracks in recent memory, RAVEY)
Edu K - Raver Lovin (Nadastrom Remix)


Druggggssszzz (Edu K Remix) - Cowgum

A lot like Crookers.

Salami (Edu K Ham N' Cheese Remix feat. Barbarella) - La Mode
Fidget House

Hold The Line (Edu K Remix) - Major Lazer

Tribal, I guess. Not really sure how to define this, but I bet it'd kill live, even if its a little underwhelming at home.

Everyone's A DJ (Edu K Mix) - Oh Snap

More electro/fidget with big Crookers influence

Badboy (Edu K Remix) - Paul Whitehead
This one's very minimal and tribal

Pela Primeira Vez (Edu K Remix) - Seguindo Sonhos

Ooww Barr Boo (Edu K Remix) - Tee 'Ski & Shab Ruffcut

Times Like These (Edu K's Mucho Fucked Up Mix) - Albin Myers
This one's really weird but cool. Interesting to see him remix Albin Myers of all people, I guess nobody is safe.


  1. I've actually got a bunch more remixes he did that I've randomly stumbled upon if you want me to add them?

  2. And wow, Party Munky EP is all Breakbeat stuff kinda like The Prodigy. Didn't expect that.

  3. thanks broder, really.