28 May 2009

John Dahlback part 2

Here's our second post about this guy, here's the first. Someone can't say they listen to house and not know John Dahlback. Dahlback is in no way new, but he definitely deserves to be posted about. He's one of the heavy weights of house, and there's definitely a reason behind that. Aside from creating one of the most well known songs in house today, his production in general really stands out. I guess literally Dahlback would be considered electro house, but he's more minimal then that, and in some ways he has a prog side to him. But in the end if you don't know who John Dahlback is, then it's about time you get on the ball.

Dahlback hails from Sweden and owns Piackadoll Records which has releases from such names as Sebastien Leger and Dada Life (Our Post on Dada Life). In case you were wondering I know I was kinda, Jesper Dahlback is his cousin and fellow producer. They produce minimal as Hugg&pepp and John also releases stuff under Hug. If I ever find a bunch of Hug stuff I'll be sure to post it.

Almost everything he does is good, and I have way too much to put up in this post, so I'll post a few really great ones and my collection on the bottom. My collection doesn't even begin to scratch the surface with how many productions this man has created. Expect a part three in the very near future. It's amazing. In case you didn't go to our first post, I'll reitterate some of those amazing songs and add a few.

Albin Myers is coming up next.


Dahlback's newest track:

Bon Bon (Original mix) by John Dahlback & ATFC, Anybody who reads house blogs would have already gotten this one, yet it's still pretty fantastic.

Winner And Fools CD up on Piratebay. I'll be seeding it.

Out There by John Dahlback feat. Basto I need you in my life. Very indie rock in a way, at least the buildup. And got a better version then in the other post.

Easy Love (John Dahlback remix) by Attic, I love MSTRKFT's East Love, and I love this easy love.

Golden Walls by Arno Cost and John Dahlback, Arno Cost's a fuckin giant too, expect a post on him too. Carry On. Just putting those two names together should tell you how good this song is.

Underneath (John Dahlback remix) by Alanis Morissette, classic remix by Dahlback.

My Current Collection before I got the above CD.

I understand it's hard to go through someone's collection on Mediafire. I'm only posting it so that if anybody really really want to get more Dahlback, he has this option.

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