28 May 2009

Wanna get some Fedde le Grand?

Go Here

And for those of you who are unfamiliar with Fedde Le Grand, he's the guy who made this bomb:

Put Your Hands Up For Detroit (Dub Mix) - Fedde Le Grand

One of those unforgettable house tracks

Here are a few links I should post Right click save as, the titles don't come into Itunes I know its annoying but some great songs:

Big Funk! by Fedde Le Grand

Ah Yeah! by Fedde Le Grand

Now there's a lot of Rapidshare links in that post. What's the best way to go about getting all this shit without waiting and coming back a bunch of times? Why Skip Screen of course. Just open all the rapidshare windows you want and let skip screen take care of them automatically when they're ready to be downloaded. That lets you go do other things while they're downloading.

Edit: A lot of these seem to be starting early and weird,

EDIT part 2: While some seem to be ending early, a lot of them actually seem to be fine. Not all are the best quality but man are there some amazing tracks in there.

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  1. Put Your Hand Up For Detriot is so lovely. Gotta drop your jaw for that lil pause.