28 May 2009

Make Love With Jean Moustache

Jean Moustache is an anonymous DJ/producer from France (and apparently Beverly Hills?) that's working to bring back the French House sound, and I must say his efforts so far have been incredible. I just recently picked up his album, which he's giving out for free, and it's one of the best things I've heard in a long time. Great explosive disco rhythms with the weirdness of Mr. Oizo and influence from a lot of places, especially in the later songs (there's even some French Rap). I feel like he's going to turn out to be some producer that we all know who's just trying to reinvent himself, but we'll just have to wait I guess. ALBUM IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, in case I didn't make it clear enough


Here's an interview with the (masked?) man:

Here's a sample track so you can listen to a song before you grab the whole album:
Vodka Champagne - Jean Moustache ft Canblaster

And finally, here's the album:

Groovecity - Jean Moustache

Disco Lasagnes - Burger Beat
(This track came with the album, but technically isn't ON the album)

(And apologies for if the track names are incorrect, my version of the download was awful, used THIS BLOG as a source for corrections / track numbers)

UPDATE: His name is Stephen Dormont. Anti climactic, I know.