28 April 2009


Baile Funk is Brazil's native genre of dance music, miami bass/b-more style samples infused with a latin beat, and some portugese rap. Began in the 80's and has grown to an international scene in recent years, with some help from diplo. Anyways, it's alot of fun, came across the funk mundial series of EPs not to long ago, released by MAN recordings, it takes electronic musicians, like crookers, feadz, etc. and has them take their hand at some funk production. The Results, alas, are awesome. Here is the Compilation Album released in the last month, that is mixed/compiled by MAN recordings head Daniel Haaksman. featured musicians include: Crookers (really awesome songs, that you've probably seen before, Aguas De Parco, Para de Graçinha, and more, but new edits this time) feadz (samples mozart, yay), The Count and Sinden, Seiji, and Jesse Rose. Anyways, ever since this series of EPs and the highly illegal Eurogirls compilation by Jean Nipon and Orgasmic ive really gotten into the sound of Baile Funk(or apparantly the european take on it), hope you enjoy this>>


  1. i love using the word 'anyways'

  2. And they love Fidget House producers.

  3. Yeah, I've given in and now acknowledge the existence of Fidget House. It makes sense when you listen to Jack Beats.