29 April 2009


And yet they are fantastic. I mean not really. But they are...not really. Mondotek put out an EP called tektonik... I think that describes them accurately enough. I was in tony's room and we heard the ph electro remix of the song Alive by Mondotek and its cheesyness just hit us at the core.

Alive (Original Club Mix) by Mondotek The original of this song is actually awesome. Like good job to them, it almost sounds Daft Punkish.

Alive (PH electro remix) by Mondotek I mean this is really ridiculous. But fun, almost like a guilty pleasure.

D Generation by Mondotek Unfortunately I feel like Mondotek was deeply influenced by PH electro (though its probably their own remix). This was their other track aside from alive and well, it's not alive.

But watch this video, great video:

Also check my comment for the actual alive music video


  1. LOL

    very blunt title, should have been in all caps.

    i giggle whenever i hear that remix.

    have you heard about / seen the corresponding tektonik dancing style?

  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VqRR10Xy3GU

    the alive remix isn't played in that particular video, as that is just a display of the dancing style - but trust me, its in a kagillion other videos on youtube where people do the exact same thing - but worse.

  3. Yea I love that video of Yelle's A cause des Garcons (tepr remix). Yea my friends love to watch videos of people tektoniking. It can be extremely amusing. I think when tektonik is done well it can look really cool. I'll change the title to all caps just for you.

    Go watch the video for a good time: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qT1_X6IeH4E

  4. there are a couple of tektonik dancers in victoria (where i hail from) who are actually pretty decent at it.

    they provide endless confusion to high kids at parties, stepping on the snares is such a foreign concept to people for some reason.