27 May 2009

Can you hear me, am I Audible?

I know it's a horrible title but Audible is fucking awesome. Unforunately all I can think about when I think of Audible, is the blog Audible Musings. But I guess that's the way things are. I know M hasn't been a huge fan but I really like most of his stuff. I'm not really sure how much stuff he has, but I think I have a pretty fair amount of it. There's obviously stuff I'm missing, but I really do have a lot of it. Audible can best be described as a mix of Progressive and Tech, more progressive for sure though. However, other sides of him pop out. He's just a great producer. Audible has been receiving much blog love, and for good reason, not someone to be overlooked.

It's like being given candy (I'm surprised these havn't shown up at raves yet).

Expect a huge John Dahlback and Albin Myers post tomorrow.


Clocks (Audible's Reboot) by Coldplay, As much as the original has been overplayed, I still love it. Audible does a fantastic job with this song, I'm really impressed. Really fucking cool the way you can hear the originals feel about when the piano comes every once in a while.

Titan/Rhea EP by Audble and Alaa: The Ep isn't just Audible but it's definitely worth posting and getting.

Titan (Original Mix) by Audible feat. Alaa, A fucking awesome song. The main sound is fucking cool.

Rhea by Alaa, Alaa sounds very similar to in Audible in some ways, or maybe it's the other way around I don't really know or care. Expect a post on Alaa sometime in the near future. If you want this (and you do) get the Ep above.

Tesla/Trigger Ep by Audible, I should be considered a pro music-pirater because I found this in 320 with album artwork. It actually wasn't that hard. I'm forcing you to get the EP though I do have both uploaded, it's worth getting the EP.

Tesla this song is catchy but at the same time kinda annoying. I both love and hate the song, I don't really know what else to say about it.

Trigger is the fuckin bomb from this EP. I can't remember which blog so rightly pointed out, this reminds me very much of Pryda. Part of me wishes all of his productions sounded more like this cause it's so cool. Don't miss this track.

Thanks to Extra Music New, pretty sure it gave me both of the above Eps.

White Mouse (Original Mix) by Audible, I just got this song today. From first listening its pretty catch and definitely well produced. Gotta love this song.

Forever/Moments EP by Audible: I'll post these seperately.

Forever by Audible, this song just reminds me how much I like Audible's bass sound. It's great, they're all pretty great.

Moments by Audible, I'm just ok with this song, I feel like a really good remix could come out of it.

The Meaning of by Audible, the meaning of being bored.

Valhalla (Original Mix) by Audible, Sounds a lot like Dirty South in terms of some of the actual sounds used, with a mix of Deadmau5's brazil, sort of. Great, but what's coming next is better in my opinion.

Valhalla (Audible's Retouch Mix) by Audible, Sounds kinda like Sebastian Leger in a way. Raise your hand if you love tech house! *Raises hand* One of my favorite tracks by him.

Waverider by Audible, very typical.


  1. Why didn't you call it "Music That Isn't Audible Sucks"