27 May 2009

I've been watching a lot of Tv Lately,

So it only makes sense to do a TV Rock post.

Havn't posted in a while, I've been working on songs, playing resident evil 4, and sleeping. But I should be doing at least 2 more posts in the very near future, so be ready.

I first got introduced to TV Rock by their productions with Dirty South (their skitzo dancer remix). TV Rock are in no way new, and have always had great stuff I've loved. So I decided to do a huge search and find more stuff by them. TV Rock are definitely some of the best electro house producers out there, with a very similar style to Dirty South, but not as hardcore as Dirty South, much calmer, yet his songs still kill. If anybody doesn't know who TV Rock are (and that seems like such a doubtful thing), it's worth getting all of this stuff, it's incredible.

So I've uploaded all 25 TV Rock songs I have. There are obviously a bunch I don't have (M or Jumpman if you have more please add em to the post), but my collection is pretty good. But I'm obviously not gonna post all 25 songs right now, instead I'll post a few and give the link to the mediafire link where you can get the rest if you so choose.


Alamo (TV Rock Remix) by Dirty South, Really adding amazing flavor to this already amazing song.

Reach For Me ( TV Rock and Dirty south Remix) by Funky Green Dogs, Fuckin Bomb, destroyed everyone and everything. Can definitely hear what dirty south added.

I Want Your Soul (Tv Rock Remix) by Armand Van Helden, the fake blood remix is incredible, and I will say that it beats this remix, but this one is still pretty great. I mostly posted this one because of the fake blood remix we all know.

Hey Boys and Girls (TV Rock Remix) by Evermore, one of TV Rock's more electro remixes, I wonder what it would sound like if TV Rock tried to make electro.

The Other (TV Rock Main Room Mix) by TV Rock vs Dukes of Windsor, I think this is a seldone mashup by TV Rock, but the bass line in the song kinda sounds like a ravier Justice, it's awesome.

Happiness (TV Rock mix) by TV Rock and Luke Chable, the breakdown in the song is so fucking cool. I'm hurting inside.

My TV Rock collection. Enjoy

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