31 January 2012

Live in Albany

We've been busy

Thank you so much for all of your support over the past 4 years.


09 January 2012

VERSUS 1/12/12

If you (1) are in Los Angeles and (2) still read this blog, please come see us play this Thursday at The Central in Santa Monica.  It's free w/RSVP.  You can do so HERE <----RSVP THERE

Woooo, disco house and stuff


02 January 2012

Faye Valentine

I have two brand new producer crushes and have already asked one of them to remix a track from out next EP.  I wonder if anyone still reads this bad boy, but here are some gems from the underground of Disco House.


You Can - No Good Crook (GOLDEN BANANA)

You Can by No Good Crook

This guy is completely unknown to the internet world and deserves so much more exposure.  He's from the Bay Area, so promoters GET AT HIM.  God I fucking love this track.

Brilliant Smile - Tiam Wills (GOLDEN BANANA)

Tiam Wills - Brilliant Smile by Tiam Wills

This guy is French, so you know he's the real deal.

La Boucle - Tiam Wills (Silver Banana)

Tiam Wills - La Boucle by Tiam Wills

Dance In My Way - No Good Crook (Silver Banana)

Dance in My Way by No Good Crook


No Good Crook

Tiam Wills

28 December 2011

One Night Love Affair (Preview)

Yes, I know it's quite shocking that there is a post on this blog.  But don't get too excited, because it's just self-promotion.  Once I find myself in a place when I'm ready to download torrents of music and actually go through it, this blog will be revived.  Until then, here's a sample from our new EP:


One Night Love Affair (Preview) by Bastille 

15 September 2011

RIP DJ Mehdi 1977-2011

Loukoums, Mehdi's J Dilla Tribute, 27 beats, absolute brilliance, lost one of teh greats this week,
this has been up here b4 but i think i forced you to dl track by track so heres the zip
this needs to be enjoyed by a wider audience

21 August 2011

16 August 2011

Radio (Bastille Edit) - Duck Sauce

It's here.  Thank you all so much for your support.  We're really tryna make moves this summer, and thus the blogging has taken the backseat.  In the meantime, enjoy:


Radio (Bastille Edit) by Bastille

13 August 2011

Bastille Updates

Hello loves readers.  Here's a brief update on Bastille status.

Bumpin EP is still getting blog coverage.  In fact, it can use YOUR help.  Please click HERE, and give Bumpin a heart on hypem.  Right now we're fluxuating between 21-40 on the popular list.  If we can get to 20 and thus to the front page, that would be awesome.  We haven't been there since our Cold As Ice remix from 2009.  CLICK HERE GIVE US YOUR HEART!

Our first draft of a remix for our next EP came in and it sounds fucking fantastic.  STereochan turned our Dutch track into a Trash Electro banger, kinda Congorocky.  Excited to here more remixes as they come.

And finally, to explain the picture, we wanted to play Radio by Duck Sauce so badly, that we just decided to make an edit of it.  Our goal is to have it released by the end of the weekend, so pay attention.


26 July 2011

Mi Excuses

So we've been extremely busy promoting our new EP and cooking up some new tracks as well.  We actually just finished up a Dutch House track and sent it out for remixes (in fact, if you're interested in remixing Bastille, shoot us an email at wearebastille@gmail.com).  We've also just started a new pop remix, but we'll make you wait to hear what it is.  All this excitement has left no energy for blogging, or even listening to music.  I'll be back eventually, and I'll lose most of my readers, but some of you will stay.  I think that's pretty f-ing cool.


06 July 2011

Keep On Bumpin

One of the songs on this son-bitch has been over 2 years in the making.  After hours of toil, we are extremely proud to release our newest EP.  We are fed up with the lack of class among the world, so we shall fill this heinous gap one Disco House track at a time.  Hope you have as much fun dancing to it as we had making the album art.  God bless Piracy.

<3 Bastille

Bumpin by Bastille

Wide Open by Bastille

Pump Up The Volume by Bastille

Bumpin EP - Bastille (ZIPPED)

Furthermore, I really gotta give a huge shout to my boys gLAdiator who were just named one of the top Moombahton artists right now HERE.