08 December 2009

Electro Batch #3

Electro. W00t! And all tracks be 320. Also, the kid in above picture has hair just like J, and I'm pretty sure J has done something like that before.


The Numbers Song (Turbotito Remix) - Acid Girls (Golden Banana)
This shit rules, it's super ravey, weird Electro that would just get everyone dancing in like a really primal way.

Best Party Ever (Jordan Lightyear & Jimmy 2 Sox Remix) - Toecutter
A very well done remix of a remix of a classic. This maybe should be under House batch, but I feel like it would fit in better with an Electro set.

DIG IT (Original) - Noise Lab
It samples The Warriors. And it's a banger. I'm sold.

Love Like A Sunset (Shuttle Remix) - Phoenix
Shuttle being a member of Passion Pit, this track has Indie fucking engraved on it. However, it's actually a very well made Electro track. A bit fast for sets though.

Exterior (Broke One Remix) - The Nerd Follia
Pretty track and also danceable.

My Adidas (Pilotpriest Remix) - Run DMC
Great Electro remix of Old School Hip-hop. It's got really hard hitting synths/drums.

Mama Used To Say - Jupiter
Really synth poppy Electro. Pretty voice.

Running Out (Fenech-Soler Remix) - Mimó
Really down with the drop in this track, not a banger but just cool.

I Can Talk (French Horn Rebellion Remix) - Two Door Cinema Club
More synth pop stuff. Got Kitsune written all over it.

Happy Thoughts - Odahl
Super happy track (no shit Sherlock) with great vocal chopping.

Electro Batch #3 Zipped

Louboutins (Jeremy Word Remix) - J Lo
Got another track dropped in my inbox from Jeremy Word. You can grab his other track that we posted HERE. This one's an Electro House banger.