11 December 2009

House Batch #4

It's finals for most of us. What better way to cheer yourself up than by blasting House music and singing along to those horribly awful lyrics sung by them House divas? Just leave the world behind you. Babe, I just hope that you know to never let me go, cuz when it comes to forever we should be together. Don't forget to check out the bonus track at the bottom, it's the best one of the bunch.

Also, gonna give a big shout out to The Temple Of House, great source for House music.


Can't Get High Without U (David Penn Mix) - Joey Negro
This is House music at it's best. Get this song. It's not Prog, it's not Tech, it's not Disco, this is just fuckin House.

Time After Time (Chris Reece Progressive Dub) - Tiff Lacey, Alexander Popov, Feel
Beautiful Progressive track, one of my favorites at the moment.

Now That We Found Love (Main Mix) - Sunlovers
Organ House. Yes! Also note the title, I'm sure you can guess that these lyrics are brilliant as well.

The Bomb (Youth's Street Player 2 Turbo Edition Edit) - The Bucketheads
Great edit of a classic, probably the one I'd most likely play live as it's never too repetitive in one spot (cough cough original).

Perfect (Roger Sanchez Club Mix) - Depeche Mode
Roger Sanchez is a legend, here's why.

Walk On By (Club Mix) - Picco
For those readers that love Electro House, this one's for you. It's got one of those harmony basslines, goes up like a major third. Strange tribal/prog buildup, sounds like the Lion King.

Tricky Tricky (Beyond Deep Remix) - Royksopp
Another great Progressive track. I wouldn't play this live, more just a listening track.

Rapture (Bestrack Remix) - DatA
Knowing the original, this remix RULES. Really makes it so much better.

Trust In You Original Mix) - Passenger 10
Pretty standard Prog track. If Prog is your thing, grab this.

And a special shout out to:

Hot (Extended Version) - Kamei

Radio Station - Kamei

This 15 year old makes incredibly awesome Disco House. HUGE props. Everyone should check out Kamei.

Heavy Cross (Siriusmo Dub) - Gossip (GOLDEN BANANA)
Seriously awesome work from Siriusmo. This is what I would imagine Voyager (Justice Remix) - Daft Punk could sound like.


  1. hey bastille/jumpman

    any idea why housetemple is offline?? i was a follower of that blog too but now blogger can't find it =/

  2. I don't know... I'll see if he tries to contact me in any way. Ohterwise I'll be checking google to see if something pops up. Not ready to assume the worst yet.