07 December 2009

Breakbeat Batch #2

Time for a bunch of batches, basically gonna pick up where I left off from the last time. This batch is all about Breakbeat (which I unfortunately have very little of). These are tracks that I've collected somewhat recently by artists that I do not know or just wouldn't remember otherwise, so you won't be seeing many big names. But I guarantee that all of these tracks are fucking fire.

On an additional note, I'd like to give a shout out to some blogs that contributed greatly to these batches. So, big shout to ONEUPMANSHIP, Shifty Rhythms, and Zaber Riders (we've shouted at them plenty). You'll keep seeing their blog pictures attached the specific tracks they gave me as you check out the tracks in the upcoming batches.


What's That Noize!? (Ft Beardyman) (Original Mix) - Ctrl Z Vs Screwface & Stereo:Type
Ha, this is awesome. Great beat with humor, hits really hard with a dirty ass Electro bass.

Go Away (Original Mix) - The Decepticonz
This track is pretty fast, so it would be good for people looking to spin faster sets or for a track to bridge Electro into Dubstep.

Mama Said Knock You Out (Z-Trip Remix) - LL Cool J
The complete other side of Breakbeat, this is Hip-hop tempo. Z-Trip rules, I don't give him enough credit.

Pop - *NSYNC (Golden Banana)
Yup. It's at 120 bpm, and it will kill in your set.


  1. Thanks man...appreciate the shout out :) keep up the good work! I cant keep up