06 November 2009


It's happened, Psychedelic Future-Pop R&B/Funk, like Outkast's DMT trip after Merlin sends them back in time to Japan in the 1980's , Hudson Mohawke's sound has come a long way in his new album 'Butter', and may surprise a few used to his older work, but you can still see where this sound came from even back during his Heralds of Change days with Mike Slott(think Bopgunn) but this time around it's much brighter and playful. Perhaps one of the strangest albums of 2009, but it has grown to be a favorite of mine, a great step for RnB and the psychedelic scene. Album features Olivier Daysoul and Dam-Funk(LA!) among others. Check it out, if you dont like it the first time through, give it some time. Some breakthrough shit goin' on here, enjoy! >>>


Hudson Mohawke - Butter LINK (re-upped)

Timbaland - Miscommunication feat. Keri Hilson LINK
Hudson Mohawke - Free Mo LINK
Sa-Ra - Hollywood LINK

for Hudmo's earlier less poppy, more hip-hop oriented material, all awesome, check out my earlier posts here and here.


  1. damn mediafire link appears to be down, was looking forward to some tasty innovation

  2. hmmm, reupped it so try again, don't know what happened there, suspicious