05 November 2009

Rave N Claw (LINK FIXED)

New set, this one's more one the ravey/techy side, first time I've actually recorded a set quite like this. For those of you who were at the Bayit party (or weren't aka Max), this is basically the set I played with a few slight changes. I'll have to admit, I totally ripped off one of these transitions (the one from Stickin' into Lyposuct) from a dope LA-based DJ by the name of Ramses, and you should all check him out, especially his Soundcloud page where you can listen to some of his sets and tracks.


Rave N Claw - Bastille

Amsterdam (Riptide Remix) - Jennifer Delano
Weekend '09 (Dave Darell Remix) - Bad Habit Boys
Stickin' - SonicC
Lyposuct - D.I.M. & TAI
Panzershreck (Original Mix) - PSEUDO-LICIOUS
Droplet - NORTB
Con Alegria (Solo More Cowbell Remix) - DJ Gregory & Gregor Salto
Medicine Man (Noob Remix) - Zero 7
Miami To Atlanta (Original Mix) - Pryda
One 2.3 Four (Auditiv Remix) - Martin Solveig
Cosmic (Original Mix) - Milton Channels
Gypsy Woman (Sandro Monte 2009 Bootleg) - Mike Polo
Listen To The Voice Inside (Laurent Wolf Remix) - Yves Larock & Steve Edwards

*We've posted most of these tracks before, but the one's that haven't been will be in my next batches


  1. You're too sweet. Thanks for the shout dude! I'm certainly gonna check this mix out right now.

  2. :( i can't download it!!
    mediafire refers to it as Invalid File.

    Really bummed about this, I just found your blog here, I was already familiar with your Pregnancy can often lead to an infant-mix and I loved it! So please, see if you can upload the file again?