04 November 2009

Renaissance Man - Spraycan EP

The first, and exceedingly superior EP, by Swedish House Duo, Renaissance Man, the second of the two, which they released through Sound Pelligrino, Teki&Orgasmic's relatively new label, titled What is Guru, was way overhyped, and honestly not a song/EP i care for very much, overall dissapointing compared to just how mind-blowingly awesome their first release was. Spraycan the song, just drops so incredibly hard, and Haarlem is a total mindfuck of a song, really cool dutch-inspired bass sounds, whole albums very dark and tribal, organic, and minimal, so yeah, it's Swedish Dutch House essentially, i mean a song's called Haarlem and the remix is called Respect to Nassau, so they're not hiding their influences. Remix duty fyi was given to fellow Swede Sharkslayer. Go ahead and grab this>>>


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