08 November 2009

Sunday Sloth

It's Sunday again, and that means headaches all around. So I figured I slow things down and toss up some awesome tracks that all have those awesome middle sections where the track slows down to a hip-hop beat then speeds right back up. Basically, guaranteed bombs for your DJ sets. Also gonna start a new little convention, you'll probably catch it.


Play That Next Episode (Original Mix) - Avicii (The Golden Banana) (REMOVED)
I mean, you get both an awesome Avicii House track AND fuckin Dr. Dre in one. How could you possibly beat that...?

Jump Around (Deadmau5 Remix) - House Of Pain
Well, you could combine Deadmau5 with House Of Pain, pretty solid combo as well.

Bad Boy For Life (La Mode Remix) - P Diddy
Played this at a gig here recently, and my god everyone just freaked the fuck out. This is definitely one of my favorites to pull out.

Puah (Original Mix) - Gigi Barocco
Have yet to play this, I was thinking of pulling this one out next gig, but I'm probably gonna go with the Avicii, and you can't really play more than of these sorts of tracks at any gig.

Pump Pump (Aniki Edit) - Snoop Dogg
What's especially great about this Fidget banger is that it works great as an intro track to your set, especially if you want to go heavy all the way the through.

Oh Yeah - Spinstyles
This is the only track in this list to slow down to Dub, so if you're more into that then this one's for you.

Let Me Clear My Throat - DJ Kool vs Da Urban Outlaws
Classic. The voice on this would definitely get everyone cheering, but the sampling of the crowd cheering would probably help with that too. You could probably get away with playing this as your second slow down track since its a bit different.

Y'all Know the Name (Flosstradamus Remix) - Jokers of the Scene
Craziness, and it goes into Simon Says by the one and only Pharoahe Monch.

Ring Ring Ring (Club Mix) - Kurd Maverick
Not something I'd play live, a lot more corny. But since it fits the theme I thought I'd post it, still definitely a cool song. More for the Prog House fans.


  1. Thanks dude!

    I'm gonna be checking this blog on a daily basis =D!
    You have great taste in music (= my taste, obviously. xD) and the tracks you upload give me the opportunity to pretend I'm actually a DJ =D
    I'm too broke to afford decent (or any, for that matter) gear... but hey, Virtual DJ and a few keyboard shortcuts go a long way xD.


  2. Thanks dude. And I've played many a gig using just my laptop, VDJ, and keyboard shorcuts. I recommend for any other VDJers to set up crossfader shortcuts (I made "-" crossfade left, "=" crossfade center, and "delete" crossfade right).

  3. Bad Boy remix is hot.

    The avicii song is crap. please stop playing it. :-/