10 November 2009

I'm back, let's restart these batches

This weekend. Big game against Michigan this weekend. Get pumped. We have to win this one in order to get into the playoffs. After we win, because Oberlin football is #1, we're gonna chug some brewskies, play some pong, find where the bitties are at, and if worse comes to worse there's always some cube to be played. But I don't deny it's going to be hard with my arm not working so good, they are going to have to rely more on Chase, we are co captain QBs. But it's going to be crazy. GET PUMPPPPPEEEEEDDDDD


La Tromba (Original Mix) by Chris Lake and Lys, It's at the top for a reason, you'll understand. Golden Banana Award Winner

Autumn (Extended Dub) by John Dahlback, if you don't already have this, you need it. Very different from Autumn (extended mix) which we have praised so much in the past but still. It's Dahlback, you know it's amazing.

Valleybrook (Extended Mix) by John Dahlback, Amazing. Just incredible, he's definitely one of the best out there. DON'T MISS THIS ONE.

Lumnox (Nom De Strip Remix) by Dave Spoon, I mean we really should be applauding Dave Spoon for this one, but I like the small adjustments that have been done in this remix.

Dj Fronter Temptation Ep, if you like that techy tech shit, you gots to get on this.

Temptation (Original Mix) by Dj Fronter

Temptation (Steven King Remix) by Dj Fronter

Temptation (Tony 15 Remix) by Dj Fronter

Puntos Y Senales (Original Mix) by KZR, Crazy production. If you want to hear something really trippy, you gotta get this. Amazing production. (LINK FIXED)

Toxic Is Dead (South Central Remix) by Toxic Avenger, I need to eventually post the original too, but this should keep the electro people who for some reason don't already have this satisfied.

Apple Pie (Hippopulation Creamy Remix) by Bit Thief, gotta love it. Fidget should never die.

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