10 November 2009

Second Batch

I'm in my Politics class about the Middle East and North Africa, so I decided to put up the next batch.


Toys (Felguk Remix) by Perplex, Golden Bannana Winner, that should be enough for you to know I've been listening to this track on repeat.

Think About The Way by Phatzoo Has a really funny part (acting as a buildup), I'm pretty sure I chuckle every time. But it drops into a cool electro beat.

Run Away (Klaas Remix 2009) by Goldfinger Klaas is back again destroying shit.

Wicked Games (Thomas Gold Dub Mix) by Hot 22 Pure Gold.

P.Y.X. by G.L.O.V.E.S., great song, very Breakbotish. If you like this funky electro stuff you definitely want this.

P.Y.X. (Strip Steve Remix) by G.L.O.V.E.S., a great remix, really brings something different.

Heart To Stay (Original Mix) by Matteo Matteini Some more tech stuff.

Heart To Stay (Lorenzo Bartoletti Remix) by Matteo Matteini Along with a great remix.

Bastian Van Shield, is someone who I've definitely come to respect even though I only have a few songs. I'm hoping to do a post about this guy pretty soon, but until then this track and the great remix of it will be enough. Just get excited for the future post.

At Work (Martin Eigenberg & Tino Heider Remix) by Bastian Van Shield

At Work (Original Mix) by Bastian Van Shield

Just for fun cause this picture that someone posted was funny:


  1. hurrah for using the Innernette during class!
    I'm in my computer science lab
    and "at work" has become my new theme song to "programming 3D arrays".

  2. yeah the felguk remix is the best of the batch.

  3. Segal picture's hilarious.
    Feluk track is boss.

  4. raun away? hey come on, that destroys my will to live, need to run away, fuck that!