11 March 2009

Hudson Mohawke

In Case You Missed It, and because i have already made a post about the other half of Heralds of Change, Mike Slott, i shall post as such>>>>
Well, If you haven't heard him, Hudson Mohawke (the other  is a producer from Glasgow, Scotland, and is part of the 'LuckyMe collective'. Youngest DJ ever to win UK DMC Contest.  Signed to Warp Records a couple years back. Makes Glitchy Experimental Hip-hop in the same vain as flying lotus and such, yet still has a very original sound, you can definately see an EDM twist in it at times. Coming out with an LP later this year, has alot of cool mixes out on the internet, worth checking out.

all in one rapidshare link
all of them are good, polyfolk dance is his newest, probably best overall, ooops is has a really cool RnB electro vibe, and the 7x7 ep is more ambient.

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  1. said on wikipedia some people made up the genre aqua-crunk-step tod describe him, i stress the made up-ness of this genre