11 October 2009

Three EPs

This is Hilarious.

Here are three Eps, Koen Groeneveld, Blende, and Nadastrom that I recently got and that I've really been enjoying these last few days. I will also be putting up a second batch in the near future. Koen Groeneveld really really impressed me with these minimal songs. I'm currently in the process of getting more of his stuff to see what it's like. If I like it, I'll be doing a post on him, so definitely check that out. The Nadastrom is also amazing, and funnily enough the Nadastrom EP and the Koen Groeneveld Ep mix really well together. I definitely recommend trying to mix em, you'll see what I mean. But then again, it's more likely that they mix because the Koen Groeneveld is just really simple and easy to mix. And Blende really never dissapoints.

All 320.

Shitty Cover.
Microburst Ep:
Stalled (Original Mix) by Koen Groeneveld, Really great, really minimal, love it. Highly recommended.

Microburst (Original Mix) by Koen Groeneveld, Just as amazing, if not better then Stalled, also Highly Recommended.

I highly recommend the EP, I'm pretty sure I'm gonna put of those songs into my next minimal mix that I make.

Awesome Cover.
The Saved EP:

Ghetto (Original Mix) by Nadastrom, Definitely not my favorite but it has it's moments.

Save Us (Original Mix) by Nadastrom, the catchiest horn line ever. So good. I think I would play this at a party at Oberlin, it's not too ravey, I think I could get away with it.

Squarez (Original Mix) by Nadastrom, much more minimal but so fucking cool. Just amazing.

Boring Cover.
Northern School Ep:

Northern School V1 by Blende, So good electro house at it's best. Blende really is one of the masters at what he does.

Northern School (Acid Jacks "Metalzone" Remix) by Blende, Fucking tight, would be great for one of those more grimey electro sets, could fit in well with like more hardcore BBR and some Sebastian.

All the EPs zipped into one, with Ghetto by Nadastrom (Forgot to add it).

5 out of 5 stars for each of these EPs, I've done nothing but listen to these guys all week. Enjoy.

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