11 October 2009

A Quick Mix

Sorry about doing two posts so close to each other, but as I just uploaded this mix and was trying to be productive so I decided to post it here before I forgot which would be likely. This isn't the newest mix, in fact I made it a while back, but I'm quite proud of this one, and I put a lot of effort into making it. I'm pretty sure I never posted it. It has a more progressive/minimal feel aside from the Spencer and Hill. Not necessarily the newest tracks, but definitely some of the best and some of my favorites.

Don't Forget by Bastille 33 Minutes Long


Alamo (Tv Rock Remix) by Dirty South

Pangea Better Ways (Original Mix) by Albin Myers

Reduction (Original Mix) by Deadmau5

Yin (Original Mix) by Wolfgang Gartner

Valhalla (Audible Retouch Mix) by Audible

La La Song (Spencer and Hill Remix) by Bob Sinclair

Massive Joy (Thomas Gold Remix) by Carlos Russo

Float My Boat (Pablo Decoder Remix) by Lazy Jay

We Are (Avicii Remix) by Dirty South Feat. Rudy

I'm pretty sure you can find all of these tracks on this blog, but if that's not the case and you want one of the tracks be sure to tell me.

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