10 October 2009

Spencer and Hill Compilation best of part 1

I love Spencer and Hill, definitely top of the top electro-house producers. Wolfgang beats them, Dave Darrel sometimes does but isn't as consistent, and Dabruck and Klein have a bunch of amazing tracks but I don't think they beat Spencer and Hill. I would recommend going to that collection site if A. you're a dj, because you might want as much as you can get or if you have a bunch of their tracks that arent in 320 this collection was basically all 320. B. Because I said so. A lot of these tracks are not new, and I might have thrown in a few newer ones, not necessarily the newest.

Go here to go to that huge post full of Spencer And Hill, here and here are a few older posts of ours.

It's the weekend, which means I expect all you to at least be drunk one of those nights. Throw some of these tunes on if you so please, and see the desired effect, you'll understand.


The Girl and The Robot (Spencer And Hill Remix) by Royksopp, by far the best remix of this song I've heard, beating the Elan by a long shot. I've been listening to this track on repeat for like 2 weeks now, if you havn't already gotten it, this is the time. This will probably be in most of my sets for a little while.

Cry for you (Spencer and Hill Extended) by September, Michael showed me the original of this song a long time ago, and it's basically tell my why by supermode. However, this remix is really awesome. Sounds kind Swedish House Mafiaesque.

Pitchdown (Spencer and Hill Remix) by Lowrider, really really interesting track. At first the beginning kind of threw me off and I didn't like it, but I've changed my mind. Something really cool about it.

Get Up (Vocal Mix) by Spencer and Hill, Walking bassssssss line. Funny to see in this collection of all these tracks how Spencer and Hill used to make some more funky disco house like tracks (though Fred Falke would probably be a better description in some ways)

Some Kind of Rush (Spencer and Hill Remix) by Booty Luv, same style as the above track, still great.

So much Love to give (Spencer and Hill Remix) by Dj Tom and Bump N Grind, good ol Spencer and Hill. This is their very typical sound, but gotta love it.

Keep On (Spencer and Hill Remix) By Cezar Cunningham, kind of a progressive feel in an interesting way, even though it's an electro banger.

Think About the Way 2009 (Spencer and Hill Remix) by Gig Barocco and Ice MC, so much fun

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