25 October 2009

Never fails to be amazing

Popof is incredible. What can I say, by far the best minimal producer to date and it doesn't look like he's stopping any time soon with his amazing productions. Here are what I'm pretty sure are all relatively new tracks, in case you havn't gotten them from somewhere else first. By now you should understand that these will all be good, and there's no point picking and choosing which ones to get.


Bitchy Groove (Original Mix) by Popof, Ballin

Do You Want Me (Original Mix) by Popof, Baller

E Doser (Original Mix) by Popof, Huge Boss

Faces 'Uch (Original Mix) by Popof, Banger

High & Down (Original Mix) by Popof, you get the point.

All of them Zipped

If you want more Popof go here


  1. then I just discovered it.

    my bad.


  2. errr. not that you could have known but i was about to post, i remind you i created this blog, so id appreciate it, even though you are upste at me that you do not take me off of the list of writers,
    in the meantime here are the posts i meant to do today, the return after my long hiatus, http://1ape1barrel1gun.blogspot.com/

  3. popof is ace, regardless.
    more dusty kid
    and thank you