26 October 2009

Das Germans!

When I think of Electro House, I usually think of Germany. This country just cranks em out like an assembly line. Hell, just search German in the little search bar over to the right and you'll see a good chunk of your favorite Electro House names pop up left and right. One of mine is named D'Azoo At Night, who hasn't really been featured on this blog yet, so...

D'Azoo At Night! He's German! And he makes awesome Electro House, with some Prog tracks and some that are just pure Trance. His tracks for the most part are on the darker side, compared to fellow Germans like Klaas or PH Electro. Enjoy:


Tango In Tokyo (Extended Mix) - D'Azoo At Night
Such a great sample. MASSIVE TRACK ALERT.

Day And Night (Original Mix) - D'Azoo At Night
Really really really big room Progressive track. I can just imagine the sub bass on this exploding at a massive.

Bodyrock (Original Mix) - D'Azoo At Night
Drops so hard.

Why You Hurt Me (Club Mix) - D'Azoo Night
This one's Trance. It's basically like his Prog song but sped up with a super spacey/epic breakdown/buildup.

D'Azoo At Night Collection
By Track // Zipped

Zeggie - Afrojack
+10 Bastille Love and Admiration Points for whoever catches the reference he makes at the very end of the track.


  1. amillie amillie amillie... must be some profound rapper.

  2. Well amillie is in the song, but he meant at the very end.


  3. John Dahlbäck - Pyramid (Dirty South Remix)

    I love this Forum BTW!