27 October 2009


Recently stumbled upon a podcast run by a guy named Chris LaMura, otherwise known as Yellow@TheLight. If you check any of the track lists of these Podcasts, you'll immediately see why I like em. Having gotten in contact with him, I found out that he works and spins regularly at Pacha NY and actually makes some tracks of his own too, which he cleared to share with you right now. Speaking of Pacha, we're probably gonna head out there on Nov 27 to see David Guetta, if any of your readers are gonna be in NY you should definitely go.


Swagger (Yellow@TheLight Remix) - Tom Cosm
His most recent track, big Electro House banger. Lots of interesting shit happening with all the synths, keeps you guessing every break.

Force Of Gravity (Yellow@TheLight ReWork) - BT
A little more Progressive (I mean, it is a remix of BT), but still a great Electro House jam.

Check out his Podcast HERE, my personal favorite is episode 6...