23 July 2009

French House Arrest Episode VIII: Music Sounds Better With Roulé

Finally, we have moved on to 1998. While I still stand by my saying that the year previous was the most important/awesome year for French House, this year saw the release of THE French House track as well as more releases from the undeniable master of the genre. Also came the first release of one of my favorite french house acts.


This is it. This is French House. This is the giant mega-hit that the genre produced. Eveyrone knows this song and can very easily sing along to it (its not like the lyrics are that difficult anyways). Stardust was born when Thomas Bangalter, Alan Braxe, and singer Benjamin Diamond were playing live together in the famous Rex Club in Paris. While Bangalter and Braxe looped a very short sample from Fate - Chaka Khan and turned it into a House groove, Diamond instinctively sung these infamous lyrics, and the track was born. It was clearly fate. And now for some remixes of the track you won't find on its official remix album:

Music Sounds Better With You (Dimitri From Paris Remix) - Stardust
Of all the tracks in this post, this is my favorite to play live. It's all about the second drop.

Music Sounds Better With You (Bob Sinclar Remix) - Stardust
Has the cooler, more lounge-y French sound.

His second batch of original tracks for his label. Contains the colossal track, appropriately named Colossus. God is Thomas Bangalter.

The first release from French House superstars The Buffalo Bunch. Possibly my favorite French House group, but its terribly difficult to make a certain call on that. Although this is certainly not my favorite release of theirs, it's their first and happened to fall in the year 1998. For ALL OF THEIR TRACKS, check out our previous post on them HERE.

Everyone should check out the blog Boards Of Electronica. They have so many awesome releases that you pretty much will not find anywhere else, except the few I've re posted in some of these episodes. Use the tags on the right side to help find what you're interested in.


  1. I was wondering when you were gonna get to Music Sounds Better, such a great song...you listen to that and then you listen to daft punk and it all just clicks!