24 July 2009

French House Arrest Episode IX: Trouble In Paradise

Continuing along our journey, we're gonna stay in the year 1998 for one of the more interesting stories of a little feud between two of the biggest producers of the time. Also included is an early track from one of my favorite house producers. Short post today, I feel like I've been packing too much into these so this one's sort of a break.

In 1998, Bob Sinclar released a track called Gym Tonic, an awesome French House groove with a great sample from a Jane Fonda workout. However, turns out the track was actually made by our hero Thomas Bangalter, and Mr. Sinclar released the track on his album Paradise without his permission. In fact, Bangalter would experience several problems just like this, due to his notoriety for finding the best samples. Bangalter wanted to hold on to this track himself and use it as a secret weapon to drop in his own sets, but it was clearly too big to be contained.

Sébastien Léger
rules, and has pretty much dominated every sub-genre of House music that he's taken a stab at producing, though it seems like his favorite is his own little brand of Progressive Tech House. This track, however, is his awesome French House jam from 1998. Cheers to Ilictronix for the track.

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